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Complete Business;

We are here to help your business grow

From designing your professional website and building your brand, to improving your performance and completing your mission, Complete Business is your perfect business development partner.

We are here to support your business to grow and maximise your potential with our complete range of services.

Complete Business; Help your Business Grow;
Complete Business; Help your Business Grow;

Our Vision

Our vision is for a more equal, more sustainable and more prosperous future for everybody. To achieve this, we want SMEs to hold the lion’s share of all UK contracts.

SMEs are the core of a healthy economy, they drive growth, provide jobs and deliver value to the community, but quite often the procurement system lets us down. It can be complicated, discriminatory and geared towards big business where commissioning authorities see less risk. However, SMEs will often provide better quality of service and deliver a contract to a higher standard than larger competitors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small businesses to win contracts by having everything they need to assure a buyer.

This includes having a strong brand and a powerful website; a place to showcase what you do, how you help your customers and share case studies and testimonials of what you have achieved in the past.
Website Design for Healthcare Businesses; Health and Social Care Website; Healthcare Website; Complete Business; Help your Business Grow; Health and Social Care Website;

Our Values







These values are embedded in us and our business.
We use them every day to guide how we work, who we work with, and why we do what we do.


Complete Business has a demonstrable track record of delivering successful business growth services to public and private sector organisations for 9 years. In doing so, the company has developed a unique understanding of small business requirements, delivering results that improve performance, simplify processes and drive down costs. Our experience ranges from working with individual SMEs and franchisees to build their online presence, to working with group companies and public sector organisations in advisory roles.

Meet The Team

Tony Murphy; Growth Expert;

Tony Murphy

Growth Expert

Tony is a highly skilled facilitator with over 30 years’ experience working at nationally renowned organisations (Norse, T-Mobile, Nomad Digital), and small businesses to help them grow. He also  founded a start-up consultancy to solve problems for both public and private sector enterprises.

Tony has facilitated the success of small businesses across a breadth of industries by combining big-picture strategic thinking with attention to detail, focusing on the problem that needs solving and client management. His experience means he can identify pain points and ways to remove them whilst understanding the need to establish rapport, so that the client develops trust, which is crucial to succeed.

Philip Laughlin

Growth Expert

Philip’s successful corporate career spanned over 35yrs with Wincanton and United Parcel Services (UPS). Having successfully managed Sales Operations, Business Development, Account Management, Customer Service and Operational teams for the UK and Nordics, Philip brings considerable experience to any small business.

The key skills Philip brings to our clients include ensuring that contract objectives and design work packages are delivered to time and budget, managing and reporting on project plans, agreeing task specifications, timings and costs in line with budget and the regular tracking of outcomes and outputs to ensure projects are high-quality and meet customer expectations.
Phil Laughlin; Growth Expert;
Marketing Manager; Sharon Slade;

Sharon Slade

Marketing Manager

Sharon Slade BA (Hons) is an experienced insight-led marketing professional with over 23 years’ experience within a variety of industries.  She has worked with Internationally recognised leisure brands e.g. Warner Leisure, Butlins, Haven, to lead on direct marketing and loyalty programs, acquisition and trade marketing, through to database management and customer insights.

With Complete Business, Sharon now supports a variety of SME businesses with their marketing, which includes, but is not limited to the development & implementation of a Marketing Strategy, the development, implementation and analysis of Marketing Plans, insights, copywriting, digital marketing and database management.

Charlie Brown

Multimedia Producer

Charlie has a wealth of online and offline experience and is excellent at producing high-quality designs, alongside being a professional web designer, photographer, and videographer. He is adept at communicating key design information to different stakeholders in multiple languages,
paying great attention to detail and producing quick, accurate and precise work.

Charlie is fully trained and experienced in using extensive software programs and applications to deliver outstanding design results, whilst supporting clients to learn these skills themselves. This experience includes WordPress, HTML5, CSS, the full Adobe Suite in addition to several photography and videography applications.

Charlie Brown; Multimedia Producer;
Jennie Durham; Sustainability; Vision, Mission, Values;

Jennie Durham

Vision, Mission, Values & Sustainability Champion

Jennie is a strategic marketing professional with a special interest in customer and competitor research to deliver sales improvements. She combines highly developed analytical and strategic skills, global and local market studies, and rebranding experience with an ability to work closely with client teams to ensure successful, measurable outcomes.

Jennie has worked with UK National companies (Altro, RAC) and also built her own franchise business empowering men and women to look and feel their best through colour analysis and personal style development. It is an owner-led business with responsibilities from operational to marketing, reflecting the SMEs we typically work with.

Matthew Smith

Managing Director

Matthew is a Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and as such has achieved extensive competency in professional standards, project management, business leadership, including project planning, business growth strategies, compliance, and sales orientation.

In 2023, Matthew led the Complete Tenders team to support over 200 small businesses with business growth projects. Most recently, Matthew worked alongside 40+ SME health and social care businesses to successfully deliver growth programs that supported their development into the NHS and Local Authority sectors. He has a deep understanding of SMEs and how marketing and design play a pivotal role in a business’s success.

Matthew Smith; Managing Director; Growth Expert;
"Everything has been perfect, page made quickly and efficiently, functional and at a precise price. Thank you!"
Gustavo Martinez
"I had an outdated website, no one visited my site and it made my visits very low. The new design is modern and I am gradually beginning to receive more patients!"
Doctor Ferrin
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